Worldwide chemical distributor chemical order tracking system and order placement for chemicals.


Lebao Industry and World Trade supplies a wide range of chemicals.

Our featured products lists our most frequently supplied chemicals; however other chemicals are available upon request. Order requests can be placed online or contact us to request an order with a live sales representative.

For specific spec sheets please contact Lebao Industry and World Trade at 213-632-4933 or email us at

Order Tracking FOR Customers

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    • ADHESIVES andamp; RESINS

    • Lebao Industry and World Trade specializes in VOC exempt solvents such as Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) and a full line of Monomers including all Acrylic Acids, Acrylates, and Phthalates.


      We maintain inventory from solvents to acids or liquids to powders for on time delivery and within specification


      Citric Acid Dry and Liquid, Dodecylbenzene Sulfonic Acid (DDBSA) and phosphate salts and more


      Worldwide partnerships with suppliers to bring new and inventive supply solutions for manufacturers and distributors.

    • OIL andamp; GAS

      Unique products and approaches for raw material needs such as down-well off spec solvents or water treatment additives for specialty chemical manufacturers.

    • PAINTS andamp; COATING

      An innovative resource and expert developer for Volatile Organic Compound Classification (VOC) exempt solvents.andnbsp;