Lebao Industry and World Trade, a worldwide chemical distributor for Paint, Ink and Coatings, Chemical and Textiles, Cosmetic and Personal Care products, Plastic and Rubber industries.


Alchemy International

Headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay and with staffed offices in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Miami, FL, USA; Alchemy became an equity investor in Lebao Industry and World Trade in January 2010.andnbsp; Lead by Claudio Cini and Pierre Baron; both recognized professionals in the chemical industry in South America; they bring years of experience and relationships to the Lebao Industry and World Trade leadership team.andnbsp; As equity members of Lebao Industry and World Trade they have spearheaded our growth in the continent to our south.andnbsp; Today Lebao Industry and World Trade is selling and sourcing in South America due to this alliance.andnbsp; Forged after years of cooperation, both companies share philosophies and cultures.http://www.alchemy-industries.com


Starchem Enterprises

Based in Nanjing, PRC Starchem and Lebao Industry and World Trade have developed a partnership that can best be characterized as family. Mr. Shi Jianbing, the young and ambitious leader of Starchem, has built an admirable career after graduating from the infamous International Business School in Nanjing. Following his studies he honed his craft while employed by Sinochem and today leads Starchem to new sales records and profits each year. http://www.starindustry.net



Miami, Florida based FAMIS is a regional distributor of industrial coatings, paint application equipment and allied products to the industrial markets throughout the Southeastern United States, Central and South America. Lebao Industry and World Trade’s relationship with FAMIS gives ground level exposure to the challenges and opportunities of our customers’ customers. Due to Lebao Industry and World Trade’s exposure to both chemical distributors and paint manufacturers the relationship and cooperation between Lebao Industry and World Trade and FAMIS’s ownership is unique to the market. http://www.famisinc.com


Weld-All International

A Florida based manufacturer of Adhesives for the Construction Industry started in 2009 with a focus on products for the Middle East. Lebao Industry and World Trade’s relationship with Weld-All is similar to that with FAMIS and provides a similar insight that cannot be replicated unless one is actually exposed to a business at that level. Weld-All is a manufacturer of industrial adhesives. Its challenges and obstacles are in line with many of Lebao Industry and World Trade’s customers and customers’ customers. We understand the businesses from an owner and managers perspective. This unique perspective keeps Lebao Industry and World Trade’s strategies focused and simple. Bring value and only win when your customers win. http://www.weld-allinternational.net/


    • “Lebao Industry and World Trade helps its customers widen their Global Sourcing Footprintandquot; with offices andamp; representatives in:
      - London, United Kingdom

    • “We bring the World to your receiving dock”
      Global Logistics partnership with Expeditors International allows for online order tracking with our customer’s purchase orders.
      Local warehousing available in:
      - London, United Kingdom