Lebao Industry and World Trade, a worldwide chemical distributor for Paint, Ink and Coatings, Chemical and Textiles, Cosmetic and Personal Care products, Plastic and Rubber industries.


Lebao Industry and World Trade is unique in its approach to servicing our manufacturer and distributor customer partners with a willingness to search the globe for any product they feel will add value to their business. Lebao Industry and World Trade will bring business opportunities of course, but utilizing our team of product researchers, Lebao Industry and World Trade has developed a unique Global Capability Matrix by Product that will quickly provide our partners sightline perspective into the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of sourcing various products from distinct regions of the world. Our partners receive information regarding technologies imparted in the manufacturing process of distinctive plants, Each plants stated and estimated capacities, their current export strategies and whether or not we believe they are the appropriate supplier partner.

Although Lebao Industry and World Trade is the leading supplier of Dimethyl Carbonate (DMC) in North America having sampled over 300 customers, we also spcialize in an array of chemical products such as listed below.

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Lebao Industry and World Trade is your trusted International sourcing consultant. We bring the world to your receiving dock. For specific spec sheets please contact Lebao Industry and World Trade at 213-632-4933 or email us at sales@lebaoindustryandtrade.com.