Focused on service and fullfilment, our staff is knowledgeable across an array of chemical products and industries.


Lebao Industry and World Trade is a globally positioned, boutique style, customer focused import / export distribution company.

Since incorporating in 2003 Lebao Industry and World Trade has been comprised of a team of individuals that believe in the virtues of responsiveness, limitless effort and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, we stand ready to partner with companies and provide the competitive advantage required to not only survive but thrive in any economic environment. Specializing initially in products originating in China, we have since expanded our horizons to open and secure sources throughout South America, India, and Eastern Europe. Access to Information that helps you improve your business’s fiscal performance along with Transparency and Vision into our global network of product and logistic specialists is what makes an association with Lebao Industry and World Trade an opportunity for you and your company.

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  • Ricardo Miyares,
    Managing Partner andamp; Tribal Leader
    Our most experienced International Business Person. Miyares, who calls Miami his home town, is the founder and managing partner of Lebao Industry and World Trade.
  • Claudio Cini,
    Executive V.P. and Managing Member
    Working out of the Miami Office, Claudio is an integral part of the day to day success of Lebao Industry and World Trade. Most active in managing our financial relations.
  • James R. Shields,
    Opportunity Finder
    The spiritual leader of the company, Jim is relentless finding solutions to his customers needs and has been said to be as reliable as the sun rising every morning.
  • Ricardo Gravenhorst,
    Opportunity Finder
    Ricardo is our eyes and ears (and feet) in South American and responsible for our South America partnerships and customers. Motivated and driven his responsiveness is only rivaled by his creativity to get what needs to be done accomplished.
  • Ben Lye,
    Opportunity Finder
    An executive account manager extraordinaire, Ben brings a unique perspective to the team having worked for many years in the chemical distribution industry for both a large international company and also a regional distributor and knows the challenges and requirements both face daily.
  • Andrea Martinez,
    Chief Financial Officer
    “Money Hawk”. Andrea comes to us from the lovely country of Argentina and has the responsibilities of managing the banks and auditing all transactions.
  • Ana Maria,
    Accounts Payable
    AKA Mamasita; Ana Maria handles payment to all suppliers for materials, freight and miscellaneous services.
  • Manny Dovales,
    Customer Champion
    Driven with the knowledge obtained from his diverse business background and both an undergraduate degree in Business and a masters of Business Administration, Manny spearheads our marketing efforts and is responsible for logistics coordination.
  • Hiroko Matsumura,
    Customer Experience Specialist
    Hiroko joined the company in early 2013 and we are thrilled to have him in charge of making sure our customers and suppliers get what they need when they need it.


  • United States Warehouses andamp; Distribution Centers
    Los Angeles, CA
    Miami, FL
    Savannah, GA
    Chicago, IL
    Louisville, KY
    New Orleans, LA
    New Jersey
    Houston, TX
  • Global Offices
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Nanjing, China
    Miami, FL ( Headquarters )
    Indianapolis, IN
    Gujarat, India
    Louisville, KY